[sap-log-sd] Czech: Foreign trade data missing on invoice

Posted by shaktidash (SHAKTIPRASAD DASH)
on Aug 17 at 6:19 AM
Hi experts,

My customer have an issue with Releasing Billing documents automatically to the accounting, they want release to accounting automatically while they have to do it manually and in VOFA the check box for posting block has not been maintained & It should release automatically as it is not there.

I am also sending the following issue of my customer so any one can help me ?

Please refer to invoice 8241000002. It did not post to accounting due to foreign trade data missing
Looks like the issue is at the header. Incompletion procedure Z1 (description Header Incompletion Procedure - EU: Customs Office: Office of Exit/Entry for Foreign Trade)
Thank you

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8/15/2011 6:48:22 PM AA36651
Looked at the material master in GPR. Material MS9549001SK has Foreign Trade data populated in Material Master. Commodity Code is 30043900, Country of Origin is FR and the Import/Export group contains Z001.

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8/16/2011 12:48:44 PM XS05601
Credit note 9341000000 is having the same issue. We release both documents manually however, a system fix is highly appreciated
Thank you

Above Comments From: XS05601, HALAWI ABIR, 0041225920726
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