Re: [sap-log-sd] How to setup equipment rental process

Posted by PSD Rajan (Solutions Architect)
on Aug 10 at 12:13 PM
Just use what is required. The hangup seems to be in the area of delivery
and return of the equipment, including tracking (Rental/Service Charges are
seemingly normal SD processes). One could stay in line with the process
using barebones ETM solution rather than create maintenance-heavy
workarounds, especially if equipment renting is is one of the main
businesses of the client...... The delivery and return process should not
be equated with PGI and Goods Return or Consignment and Consignment
Return. Say, how would you track and ensure Goods Out = Goods In ?? How
would you know when the equipment is due back and when you can commit it to
the next customer??

Not trying to dampen your enthusiasm here, just pushing you a bit further to
think about the completeness of the process. It is easier to discard 10
steps that you don't want rather than create even 2 new steps from scratch.


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In the lines of your recent post (don't re-invent &.... "don't give bigger solution than required"), I think ETM is also also "TOO big a solution". 0736adb6cd0fe10000009b38f839/content.htm

There is something in SD standard functionality - i.e. Sales document type SC which is perfectly suited for Roger's business requirement. I have suggested that in this thread.

ETM talks about " aspects such as planning, processing, settlement and evaluation of resources (materials and equipment)." which might be "extra" (not that useful) for this requirement.

Of course I have not worked with ETM, so if I am missing something please inform.

Thank you in advance!

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