RE:[sap-log-sd] Where is 'Item Usage' is assigned to?

Posted by Sandy_Narcissus
on Jun 22 at 4:20 AM
Hi typewriter,

I have test in two cases:
1.I have created a order in which I insert an item 10 with on material&description,the item category is TATX (because in T184 :OR+BLANK+TEXT+BLANK-->TATX)

2 I deleted this assignment.and added a new item:OR+BLANK+BLANK+BLANK.
however the error happened when the same operation run.
system msg is :No item category available (Table T184 OR TEXT ),Message no. V1320

So I can understand your meaning.but what is this APAP programe?
Thank you again!

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Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3:28 AM
Subject: Where is 'Item Usage' is assigned to?

Item usage is an ABAP program, inbuilt in the system.

Item usage controls how the systems shall react when processing a document (sales order or quotation etc.)

Item usage = TEXT

TEXT item usage is used to process documents (quotations, inquiries etc.) if user has entered "Description" and NO "Material".

Do below test -
Maintain "Assign item category" for item cat TATX with and without item usage TEXT & test in VA11 - with and without Material & see how the system reacts.

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