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Posted by Typewriter
on Jun 25 at 5:41 PM
I think, you have to create ZPR0 in SD module (i.e. with V/06), then in cond type PB00, the RefApplication field accept V (currently defaulting to M)

I think, this is not caused by access seq.

I have tested this by doing the following - (it is a "round about" way to test it, as I do not know how to create cond types in MM module)

In SD, in V/06 I created PR00, when I give field "RefConType" = PR00 & RefApplication = M (INSTEAD OF THE NORMAL = V)
I get below error -
Entry A M PR00 does not exist in T685 (check entry)

Because PR00 was created for V, therefore there is NO entry in T685. If I had created for M then there would have been an entry in T685.

Please explain how you created the cond types, pricing process; if it is different from doing it in SD.
Maybe Naughtybudgei can give some suggestions.
Maybe you might want to post this in the MM Forum too.

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We are using a Stock transport order and and during billing we use condition type ZPR0 for transfer price. The info record price and the Transfer price are the same. We maintain condition record for ZPR0 for customer material combination.

I know we can use Refcondition type and Application in PB00, but how do I define the Access sequence of ZPRO in PB00. When I try to create the same access sequence in Purchasing, it is defaulting to M, I want to change it to V.

Your help in this will be appreciated.


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