RE:[sap-log-sd] No Customer Master record exists for sold to party 961000005.

Posted by Typewriter
on Jun 17 at 8:57 AM
Hi Indra,

Q: during the creation of cmr, In XD01, Sales Area Data > Partner Functions, did you type in SP 961000005 or was it populated automatically?

If you typed in SP etc., then please check, Partner procedure.

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Subject: No Customer Master record exists for sold to party 961000005.

Hi Indra,

This issue occurs when the partner determination procedure does NOT have partner function SP (Sold To party). The partner procedure is assigned to the account group.

In XD01, you have "typed in" SP = 961000005. And this you can see in XD03. But in the system 961000005 has not been created as SP.

Check your partner procedure assigned to the account group. And verify if SP is one of the partner functions in the partner procedure.

IMG>SD>BF>Partner Determination > Set Up Partner Determination for Customer Master
Choose "Partner Determination Procedure Assignment"
& then search for SP in "Partner Functions in Procedure". & add.

After doing the above actions, (i think) the system shall NOT update automatically; i.e. if you create a sales order with the same 96..... you shall get the same error message. Therefore create a new CMR with SP, SH, PY, BP. And then create a sales order.

PS - I have also tested with NO partner procedure assigned to account group; and then I can make & see in XD01, XD03 all my partner functions. But in VA01, I get the same message!


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