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Posted by Typewriter
on Jun 24 at 4:18 AM
Please see SAP recommendation below ***-
(IMG>LE>Shipping>Deliveries>Proof of D>Set POD relevance depending upon Delivery Item Category -- See IMG activity documentation) - "We recommend that you flag all item categories that belong to a delivery type as POD-relevant."

*** Set POD-Relevance Depending on Delivery Item Category
In this activity, you can set the proof of delivery (POD) relevance depending on the delivery item category.

We recommend that you flag all item categories that belong to a delivery type as POD-relevant. After setting the POD-relevant indicator in the customer master, you can activate the proof of delivery process.

When the system creates billing documents for the item categories that are marked as POD-relevant, it copies the verified quantity rather than the delivery quantity.

I would take SAP recommendation carefully!
I think "dedicated" item categories have to be used for POD process. (e.g.ZELN copy of ELN)

Say you set TAN = relevant for POD, then you can NOT create bills without POD confirmation (from receiver)
(error message "POD report back not yet carried out or incomplete")

Futhermore if TAN is used for other Sales document types + delivery types (other than POD process) you shall face problems in "manual" creation of invoices.

Kindly test and let me know. I do not have the "infrastructure" to test POD functionality.

Keep me updated with the development of this project.

Thank you!

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Subject: Implementation of POD Process

My company is a multi site global company. I have to implement POD process for proper sales recognition. Could you also, kindly guide me how to go about the implementation. What all things to look for? How should I start my work?

What I have gathered so far from the internet and testing in the sandpit system is that

1. I need to make item category relevant for POD
2. I need to define the reasons for variance in POD
3. I have make customer relevant for POD.

Do I have to look for any other things also. How will I come to know which all item categories will be made relevant for POD process.

Your guidance would be very much appreciated.

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