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Posted by rameshkumarv
on Jun 11 at 11:24 AM
What does pricing analysis say

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Hi Experts,

I set the exclusion indicator for K004 in VK11. After creating a sales order, K004 was excluded. This is ok.

The I removed the exclusion indicator for K004 in VK12. After creating a sales order, K004 was still excluded. [Conditions], Icon Analysis say "Condition ignored (requirement 002 not fulfilled)".

I have checked, and all criteria for requirements are ok. I do not understand why K004 is still excluded.

I have tested a sales order with another pricing procedure, K004 is populated.
The same thing is happening with other materials too.

It seems like the system is "remembering" if exclusion indicator was ever set. Also this is not impacted for different / other pricing procedures.

Same "remembering" concept happening for exclusion indicator for Condition type (IMG>SD>BF>Pricing>Condition Maintenance).

value for ZK29 (copy of K029) was created in VK11. After making some sales orders, in the condition type, exclusion indicator was given. But the condition is still active & populated in the [Conditions] in sales orders.

Please explain and advice.


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