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Posted by Typewriter
on May 31 at 2:13 PM
Hi Experts, Roger,

2 questions -

1. Why does SAP permit multiple tables with the same fields?
One reason I can think of is - sames fields, but different arrangement. e.g. -
In VK11, header part = Customer, item part = Material
or item part = Customer, Material

2. SAP does give a warning message, during creation of a table, if a condition table with the same field already exists. Could it be prohibited to make duplicate condition tables via configuration?

Thank you,

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Subject: G/L account determined but account determine error


I've created a new condition for G/L account determination in IMG for billing document and setup necessary in VKOA, but the account determination always show account determine error when billing document be posted, I've checked into revenue account analysis, system show me G/L account determined from account determination type ZOEM; is there anything I need to notice? please share your knowledge to me if there is any experts know how to solve this issue.

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