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Posted by ebushman (VP, Solutions Engineering)
on May 31 at 2:43 PM

I've participated in over 300 projects related to the Payment Card Processing functionality in various SAP products in the past 14 years. There are a variety of suggestions I could make, but let me keep my initial response limited. Here are some items I'd suggest you consider:

? Plan on a project to implement the Payment Card Processing functionality to last 2-4 months in duration. You won't have people spending 8 hours a day every day for that time working on the project, but the project duration tends to last that long.
? If you plan to accept B2B payments and Purchase Cards (Corporate Cards) expect the project to last 2-4 weeks longer because you'll be mapping data that SAP didn't include in the standard Cross Application Payment Card Interface (CA-PCI)
? Obtain the Merchant Account IDs from your processor partner(s) as soon as possible if you don't already have them. You'll need to have Treasury and Legal departments involved if you're setting up new accounts and I've seen delays in setting up accounts drag projects out for months.
? Learn as much as you can about what SAP designed the business logic to do. As with anything in SAP, the business logic likely won't be a 100% fit for your needs, but you'll be better off if you can conform as much as possible to how SAP designed the workflow.
? Decide in advance what card types you wish to accept. Which currencies you want to accept payments in. If you want to accept payments with just the standard SAP logic (card entered during Sales Order creation) or if you need the ability to process payments against open invoices in the FI module and need to use custom functionality from a third-party.
? Start reading up about PCI-DSS ( if you haven't already. It WILL affect you in your project. Compare Tokenization to Encryption and understand the benefits that Tokenization has over Encryption.
? You should only consider using a third-party solution if it is SAP certified.
? The configuration of the business logic in SAP's products is the easiest part of a project. The harder parts are testing, end-user training and certification (either with your processor or middleware provider).
? Make certain you understand how to RECONCILE the deposits from your processor with the Settlement Batches submitted by SAP. And then RECONCILE the deposits EVERY DAY!!! Do NOT let a day go by without RECONCILING!
? Remember, the business logic is provided by SAP. SAP maintains it, patches it, enhances it, supports it. The middleware provider may understand it, enhance it and train you on it, but ultimately it is SAP's product.

That should be a good start. If you have any more specific questions I'm always happy to respond.


Eric Bushman

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Has someone done credit card payment setup in SAP, and woud like to share experience :
the steps to go throhgh,
pit falls to avoid, etc..

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