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Reply from hovering_yogi on Mar 5 at 8:54 AM
Dutch gave you your answer above - have you checked your material master data for the sales unit for the sales area concerned (one assumes that you have separate sales areas for the different organisations that want metric and imperial appropriately)

If you are saying you sell by the EA or Case for example but still want the weight conversion then you will need to create additional units of measure as copies of the existing.

So EAU, CSU for example would be US copies and would have weight measures in imperial instead of the metric used for the european entries EA and CS. Within each sales area for the material master you then just need to make sure you set the correct sales unit.

You haven't mentioned your sales unit above (although at least I didnt see it quickly reading through the thread) and that is key to everything, and perhaps why people are a little confused by your predicament.

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From: Ian Worral
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 9:59 AM
Subject: UOM Conversion LB to KG and KG to LB

Hi All,

I have a client who has two plants one for country A and other for country B and they also have country specific items/products aswell. The client is integrating a division in country B.

Currently the SAP system is set up (UOM) Weight as LB and Volume FT3 (cubic foot) however they would like system to convert the items from LB to KG and Volume from FT3 to M3 (cubic meter) and also vise versa KG to LB (M3 to FT3).

I also would like to know does UOM has anything to do with Sales Doc Type and are we able change the total weight & volume manually during the creation of a sales order?

The same sales order can contain both countries lines items, is it possible that system will do the convesion on line item bases currently it is converting as per plant number.

Thanks in advance experts.

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