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Reply from Karl_Rockwell_Consulting on Feb 2 at 2:08 PM
Service contract items usually need special configuration/definition to define SLA, other terms, and pricing. I have designed solutions where in the VC of a deliverable item, we have a characteristic that asks if a service contract item is to be sold with it. This results in creating a sub-item from a BOM with dependency defining the service (maintenance).

The maintenance service itself is configurable to define the entitlement in more detail. As a sub-item, we know which product is entitled to service. When you deliver the product, you generate a serial number/equipment that represents the instance of the customer product. This is then copied to the technical objects area of the service item. This item can be copied to subsequent contract, renewal quote and so forth.

There are many possibilities such as pricing as a percentage of the equipment value. It all depends on your requirements, but you should understand ABAP to develop the complete solution on the basics of the service contract functionality.
Here is a simple demo of a recent solution of mine.

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Subject: Service Contract from Standard Order

Does anyone know of configuration that can be done so that a Service Contract (WV) will be automatically created based on the existence of certain materials on a Standard Order (OR)?

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