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Reply from Kartik_chau on Feb 9 at 11:47 PM
You can create three separate pricing conditions.
group them in one category (so that at one point of time only one can be selected).
Give respective authorisation for each condition to respective user.
This way you will avoid hard coding and will provide you the requisite result

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Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 9:00 AM
Subject: Sales Order Discount Level Authorization


I have one scenario where customer wants to give discount level authorization for some customer, please find below example and suggest possible solution.

Ex. There would be like 3 level discount authorization in sales order like sale manager 2%, manager 3-4% n sales head 5%.

If sales manager make the order n enter 3 % and more discount then error show like " you are not authorized for this discount" and order can not be saved, same will be applicable to manager and sales head.

Please suggest the configuration step by step

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