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Reply from Typewriter on Feb 19 at 8:10 AM
Hi Adriano,

Forwarding agent is not equivalent to SH partner function.

Forwarding agent could be a third party logistics provider, who takes care of transportation of your (the companies) goods. E.g. DHL or FedEx.

Ship To party is the delivery / unloading address in other words the "end" point for a delivery.

As described above both partner serve different purposes thus are different.

PS - These two partner functions are of different partner types. Please read partner types to get more idea about how SAP has structured partner determination.

If your question was pertaining to some other point(s), please do convey.

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From: Adriano
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Subject: Partner Types PY and BP

Thank you Typewriter about the 'source' partner info.
That way, if we have 'payer' specific bill-to, we can pull that bill-to in sales order and consequently in invoices so that the invoices can be sent to that address.

But I have another question now, in partner determination procedure TA for sales order header, for BP I have blank (in F4, blank = forwarding agent) as source partner. Is forward agent equivalent to SH partner function?

You are right with adding BP to SH in partner determination procedure for SH - 0002 account group.

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