RE:[sap-log-sd] No customer master record exists with sold to party (prob with partner fn?)

Reply from debasishsapsd on Feb 20 at 8:02 AM
This problem happens only when we create new Partner functions.If you use SAP Standard SP and create other 3(like Ship to party,Payer etc), or Copy other 3 and add some other partner functions then this problem will not occur. You can raise sales order then using that customer with these partner functions. SP has to be SAP standard one. There may be some solution to this but this is the only way I solved it.

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From: dibyendu konar
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2011 11:33 AM
Subject: No customer master record exists with sold to party (prob with partner fn?)

I created following partner function
1. Account Group : DKSP (copying 0001 sold to party), DKSH (Ship to party),DKBL: Bill to Party & DKPY : Payer
2. Partner function : SD : Sold to party ,DH : Ship to Party,DB : Bill to party,DY : Payer
3. Partner Determination procedure : DK
4. SD,DH,DB,DY,CP,VN,& TZ are kept into DK (partner function in procedure)
5. Assigned DK with DKSP,DKSH,DKBL,DKPY
6. Assigned DKSP with SD,DH,DB & DY also DKSH with DH,DKBL with DB & DKPY with DY
I only created for sold to party (as we mainly work with that)
7. Then I crated DKHD for for Document header (TA)
8. Assigned DKHD with DKOR (Copy of OR- std order)
Then I try to create customer with Account group DKSP and the purchase order (with DKOR) for that customer .Customer was created properly but when I try use them in the Purchase order (VA01) ..It says no customer master record exist with sold to party XXXXX(customer number) ..I checked in KNVV table and find the customer record there .....Can anybody please help?

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