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Reply from HarshaHalyal on Feb 21 at 6:51 AM
This query has been done by two steps according to our analysis as given below
In standard SAP we have two condition types like AMIW (Minimum order values) & AMIZ (Surcharge Minimum order values). But in this case AMIZ calculate by charging the difference amount as a surcharge. But in our case surcharge should be fixed amount as I mentioned in my above question.

For this wee can do in two method.

1) Using condition type AMIW
Statistical Check mark, Sub Total 'D', Requirement '2'
In condition type AMIZ we need to do some ABAP development by including program.
In AMIZ condition type with help of ABAPers routine has to be done for AltCTy called ###.
Program RV64A### has to be include.

2) In other case we need to create customized condition type ZTRC called transportation cost by using fields Sales Org, Dist Chanel, Div and Country Key and adding these field into our defined tables and access sequence.
In Condition type ZTRC (Scale field) Scale Basis should be value Scale.
And maintain scale according to your requirement.

Let me know if any wrong I have done.

@ Dave Thornburgh

Thank you for your valuable reply. I respect your post.

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Subject: Net value is less than 1500 $ surcharge has to add

SAP experts,

I have one requirement like, For every sales order net value is less than 1500$ an added surcharge of 20 $ has to be added in than. Kindly any one please help me how to develop this in pricing procedure. Please let me know if you need more info on my query.

Thanks in advance

Harsha Halyal

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