RE:[sap-log-sd] Difference Between Transaction Variants and Incompletion Procedure

Reply from ferariani on Feb 9 at 2:04 AM
I think completion procedure is used to update status document as complete or complete within one of some fields criteria.
We can assign in anywhere we need such as in sales order header, items, schedule line, etc.

But in transaction variant we can use it to suppress field, display only field , or fill default value.
And it is assign per document type if I'm not wrong. So we can't use transaction variant if we want to do checking in an item category only (let say sales order type have some item category type)

Hope it will help.

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Subject: Difference Between Transaction Variants and Incompletion Procedure

Hi all,
What is the difference between the use of transaction variants and Incompletion procedure? (EX: we can set any field as mandatory using either of them in a sales order).

Thanks and regards,

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