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Reply from sapexplorer6 on Feb 10 at 7:26 PM
Thanks AD for looking into the hierarches. And yes you are correct I want to assign multiple children to parent.

I was able to solve this. 1A-1D are standard partner functions. But they are no required on customer master. These customers hould be defined on partner determination procedure for sales order.

I was missing a configuration setting Assign Hierarchy Type for Pricing by Sales Document Type. Even though if hierarchy is not to be utilized for pricing but for hierarchy customer to be determined on partner function, this particular setting is to be maintained.

So, just created the required nodes, customer masters. Next use VDH1N to assign the customers in hierarchy. After that, whenever a sales document is created, the partner function is auto determined.

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Subject: Customer Hierarchy and Partner Function

What I did in past was created a hierarchy nodes in customer account group 0012 (hierarchy node) and lower level customer in account group 0001 (Sold-to). Then I assigned lower level customer created in 0001 account group to the one created in 0012 through T-code VDH1N. VDH1N established parent child relationship. This assignment resolved my reporting requirement.
In your case, it looks like you are assigning multiple children to a parent.

In standard config, I could not find 1A-1D partner functions available at customer master partner determination. I assigned 1A to the procedure and also assigned 1A partner function (1A = parent level partner from 0012 account group) to the child customer. But 1A function is not flowing to the sales order.

So, partners need to be determined at sales order level automatically.

Let's wait other experts suggestion.


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