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Reply from Rajiv on Feb 19 at 8:09 AM
Check this screen shots ocs/library/uuid/a070bfbb-d34a-2d10-b092-ecbe0b0d4a4c?QuickLink=index&overridelayout=tr ue


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Subject: Change screen layout in va01 (create sales order)


You can do this via SHD0 transaction.
-Go to SHD0
-Specify Transaction code VL01n and say Create
System takes you to the Create Delivery screen
-Give mandatory values and press enter.
A pop-up with field names and options to mark inactive/required etc. will
-In that check the boxes against From item & to Item under invisible.
-Give a name to the screen variant and opt "EXIT AND SAVE".

-Come back to SHD0, specify the screen variant name in the screen variant
-Go to Standard variants tab, under Variant Groups, enter Group name(Zname)
and create
-Enter User name and assign.
-Go to Transaction variant, change ...enter screen variant and save
-Activate Standard variant.

Now for all the users entered in that user group. *Hope this is useful*.
Or else you can ask abapper to check any implicit enhancement is available.

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