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Reply from Adriano on Feb 15 at 12:06 AM

Creation of access sequence is a three step process:
1) In V/07, In the folder structure in the left, put cursor above the 'access access'. You have two options there - either copy existing one or create your own. If you copy one of the existing access sequence, you again have two options - copy all dependent entries which means copying existing tables or only copy entry. If you have your own tables, you can choose 'only copy entry' button and rename the access as per your naming convention.
2) Then select the access sequence you created in step 1. On the folder structure on the left, double click 'accesses'. Click 'new' entries it will take you to the screen you you actually assign the tables. Give your step numbers, give your table numbers and be careful with the fields 'requirement' and 'exclusive' indicator, I assume you are already aware of this.
3) Highlight the line for table you created in step 2 and double click the 'fields' in the folder structure in the left pan. You will see the fields you have created for the tables used in step 2. You can change the setting here too as per your pricing requirement.

Now you are ready to assign the newly access sequence to your condition type.

Hope it helps.

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In SPRO, i have created a condition table and created a access sequence, now how do i assign the condition table to the access sequence?

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