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This is an appended message for the original query by Pamela.
Long back there was a scenario for invoicing both an inventory item and a non inventory item (service item) in single invoice. Because these two different types of items were causing the invoice to split up into two.
For that it was suggested to take the inventory item as deliverable and the non inventory item as deliverable but not "pickable" i.e. making the picking qty. as zero in the delivery document and that was letting both the items to appear in the same invoice without any split.

How far this issue is relevant to the original query is a question of well worth but, it definitely holds the solution to the second question put forth by Pamela.

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Subject: Picking Request after Creation of Outbound Delivery

1. Picking request document is coming from delivery document if there is Picked Quantity. You can see it in delivery document - tab "picking"
You can see the configuration of picking relevant in IMG under Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Picking --> Define Relevant Item Categories

2. Picking confirmation is needed if the person in charge is different people in sales and inventory.

Hope it will help.

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