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Reply from mmontano on Feb 2 at 10:19 PM
I hope I can help.

(This is all from a non SAP WM or eWM point of view.)

A picking list is a view of the data stored on a delivery document designed
for picking the correct product in a warehouse for a particular delivery.

In the good 'ol days (who is feeling old here?), picking was done by giving
a person a list of items to pick (up) and ready for shipping. That list was
a piece of paper.

The pick list output in SAP is the configuration to drive this.

The EKSU output appears to be (I have never used it), designed to drive an
IDOC to be generated for a picking list.

Seeing that many warehouses use dedicated warehouse systems that need to be
fed what to pick, the ESKU output can be used for that purpose.

There is a preconfigured paper picking list already in the system. It may
not be pretty, but it works. It is configured along the lines of a Bill of
Lading or an Order Confirmation.

Hope this helps.


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From: Pamela79 Pilch
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Subject: Picking List

Hi all,

1) what is a picking list in delivery (non warehouse managed)? How is picking list configured? what data picking list has ?

Do I need to give some functional specs to ABAPer for printing picking list. If yes, do the data to be picked from only the LIKP and LIPS delivery tables ?

2) Also I have heard about the picking list output type EKSU, What it is used for? I have seen in someone else system that output type EKSU is maintained in shipping point configuration in "print output " options. Does that mean EKSU is not assigned to an output determination procedure?


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