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Reply from jim-wolfe on Feb 13 at 3:05 PM
I'm the one that originally suggested setting ATyp = A without realizing that SAP no longer will allow it (once you apply a service pack), per Dutch's comment. So, based on review of the OSS note that Dutch referred to, I don't see how this path is going to lead anywhere. I think the only option is to spread the possible fields across separate tables, with each field mandatory. I'm not sure if this thread still assumes that ATyp = A will work.

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Subject: Is Special Access Sequence Possible?

Hi, Saps - remember that these conditions you're setting up should only show you ONE value, and that would be the value that satisfies the criteria. If your first table is customer, then the customer must exist in that table in order to have THAT condition fire. If you want it to be on customer and material in table 2, then it CANNOT appear in table one, only in table 2. If it's also in table 3 and 4, it will never find them in 3 or 4. It will find it first in 2 and take THAT condition.

As I've said, it's an IF statement with tables. First condition that satisfies based on the values in the tables top down, will choose that condition.

- Lou

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