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Reply from sapuser_india123 on Feb 6 at 10:46 PM

Better go for a collective billing, as far as the delivering plant and the ship to party are same you can invoice multiple deliveries into one single invoice provided; the availability of all the materials are confirmed.
In a better manner your problem is not with invoicing but is with deliveries. That depends upon your concern with the customer regarding the partial deliveries or complete delivery.
As per the standard the invoicing will be done only after the delivery and another matter of concern is the price fluctuations between the sales order creation date and the invoicing date. But in either manner your billing is not based upon sales order but with the delivery or else if the price escalations are not there then you can simply create the invoice with reference to the sales order and can later fulfill the deliveries as per the availability.
Availability of the material and the associated price escalations if any, are two different aspects in this scenario.

For availability you can opt with 3rd party sales if permitted, otherwise an option of partial deliveries is always there provided your customer is OK with that.
Again partial deliveries are different from repeated invoicing of the transactions.

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Subject: Invoice the Customer Once for the Sales Order

Due to various problems in stock management in warehouse we are facing too many backorders. These are leading us to create multiple deliveries for a single order. The customer is not feeling comfortable to receive multiple invoices. The requirement is to provide invoice once for the sales order. Please give your inputs on how to approach this.

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