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Reply from wasimuddinsayed on Feb 7 at 1:53 AM

I believe what you're asking is that inquiry and quotation should have availability check but they should not pass the requirement to procurement (i.e. MD04). If this is the case then the schedule line categories used in inquiry and quotation should be marked not relevant for requirement.

Check if the the schedule line category for both inquiry and quotation is only marked for availability. The requirement field is unchecked. Hope this should solve your problem.



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From: huong le
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 11:08 PM
Subject: ATP Check for Sales Inquiry & Sales Quotation

Hi experts,

Our customer has a requirement to perform ATP check for Sales Inquiry & Sales Quotation.

As SAP standard, Inquiry & Quotation ae not considered as sales requirements in ATP check. To to that, we have to customize the schedule line & transfer of requirements. But we have an issue that: If a sales order is created reference to such sales inquiry/quotation, the confirmed quantity of inquiry/quotation is not replaced by confirmed quantity of sales order. It mean we have a double confirmed quantity in ATP.

For example:
Inquiry confirmed 10pcs => Total confirmed qty in ATP = 10pcs
Then SO referred to that Inquiry confirmed 10pcs => Problem: Total confirmed qty in ATP = 20 pcs, instead of 10 pcs as expected.

Could you advise me?

Thank you,

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