Re: [sap-log-sd] Account Document not Created Message no. VF062

Reply from rameshkumarv on Feb 26 at 9:04 AM
Dear Pradeep,

As you have changed the condition class from D to A, you have to
maintain the account determination in t.code VKOA for the account key of
your Excise condition types. Because when the condition class is D (Taxes),
account determination will be maintained in OB42 for the account key you
assign for the excise condition type BED, CESS, etc. in Pricing procedure.
i.e.) Financial management. Whereas for condition class B (prices) and
A(discounts & Surcharges) we have to maintain account determination in VKOA
for the account key you assign for your excise condition types BED, CESS,
etc. in Pricing Determination Procedure in V/08.

If you need further help let me know.

Thanks and regards,
Ramesh Kumar V

---------------Original Message---------------
From: Pradeep Mani
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2012 8:30 AM
Subject: Account Document not Created Message no. VF062

When I tried to create an invoice I came across this problem of Account document not created Message no. VF062.

In pricing procedure, for the condition type I changed the condition class of (BED,EDUCATION CESS,VAT) from D-Tax to B-Price.

After doing that alteration, I created a sales order, delivery & billing. My invoice got saved without the message (account document not created).

What would be the reason I could not create the accounting document for the invoice

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