[sap-log-sd] Freight Conditions with LE or SD PRICING PROCEDURE

Question from SapSd on Jan 11 at 3:33 PM
My client has Logistic execution activated with them .I am doing the Pricing procedure for this client .I am confused shall I let the Logistic execution to raise the Freight invoice to customer or shall I include that in my pricing procedure .
They have Primary Freight /Secondary Freight applicable most of the times so I very much need help from LE in terms of routing.LE has pricing procedure active .
what about the SD Pricing procedure ?Will it be like...
Base Price+Freight = Total Price1
BED on Total Price1X 0.10= Total Price 2
CESS + HCESS=0.3XTotal Price2

Base Price=
BED on Base price X 0.10= Total Price 1
CESS + HCESS=0.3XTotal Price1
as Freight is being taken care by Logistic execution
Sap sd
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