[sap-log-sd] During Sales Order ATP how do you get Confirm Qty to use Rounding Profile?

Question from swettci on Jan 13 at 6:29 PM
I have set up Rounding Profile (increments of 6) & Min. order qty = 6 & Delivery unit = 6 EA & activated rounding profile at item category. I get desired Order Qty during sales order processing BUT when available stock on hand is not in increments of 6 then sales order ATP does not confirm qty's in increments of 6. When this occurs then delivery (VL01N) failes to create a delivery due to "Increments of 6 not complied with".
SO Order LI QTY = 12
QOH = 7
SO confirms 7 for today and 5 for next month.
VL01N - delivery create does not create a delivery for QTY 6

What do I need to do to overcome this obstacle besides manually changing the confirm qty in the sales order during ATP to increments of 6?
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