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Reply from Tung Ho on Jan 30 at 2:29 PM
Koki -- You won't see a next date field or a sales order number field in S066 and S067. Get the payer number from the sale order you are inquiring about. Look in S066 for the payer number. Note: The dollar amount shown in s066 is the total dollar amount for all sales order for a payer. The date shown in that record is the next ship date ( MAD ) for all sales order tied to the payer.

VKM4 = program: RVKRED01 Do a search in this program for S066.


The function call that update CMGV is : SD_NEXT_ACTION_DATE_ORDER ( se 37 to view)

Aside from trying to see why the date is 00/00/0000...what are you trying to figure out?

Is your sales order a credit card sales order?

what does risk category LST mean?

-- Are able to manually calculate the next ship date? If so then what should it be?


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From: Koki hayashi
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 12:01 PM
Subject: VKM4 Next Date Field

Hi, Expert, I have a question regarding the Next Date field in VKM4 report.
I though the Vaue is retrieve from VBAK-CMNGV (Next date), but I found there are some sales orders with VBAK-CMNGV as "00/00/0000) but have the Date Value when run VKM4.

Please kindly let me know where else is field in VKM4 getting the Vales from ?

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