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Hi Pradeep,

I too was thinking in the similar lines as Yunifar Ferariani.

Business process -
Vehicle is loaded with 100EA.
It goes to customer1 delivery address. There customer1 informs they would like to by 20EA.
Then the vehicle goes to customer2 delivery address. There customer2 informs they would like to by 30EA.
Thereafter vehicle returns to warehouse. The 50EA unsold have to be put back in the warehouse.

1. Vehicle is a storage location. Goods 100EA are moved from storage location WH to Vehicle.
2. Vehicle goes to customer1. There after knowing how much quantity customer1 wants to buy. A sales order is created (of 20EA).
This sales document type could be similar to Cash Sales CS sales document type, in other words -
- Immediate delivery created
- Print out of bill created immediately, as output.
- Billing document is order related

The printout of the bill can be given to the customer. A copy of the printout could be signed and returned by the customer1 to the vehicle driver.

3. Vehicle goes to customer2. Similar process as point 2. A sales order of 30EA created, printout of bill given to customer2 and one copy of bill signed and returned by customer2 to vehicle driver

4. Vehicle returns to warehouse. Goods 50EA are moved from vehicle to warehouse.

5. The PGI and actual creation of the billing documents could be automated. A job which completes PGI and creates the billing document is scheduled every night, for the sales orders created manually during the day.
Output of the billing documents can be sent to an administration employee via email. (or other forms of output)

If the company decides, the PGI and actual creation of the billing documents could be manually by an administration employee in SAP.

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Maybe you can maintain the vehicle as Storage Location.
So each day you transfer material to the vehicle storage location using MB11 (transfer Sloc to SLoc).
Do regular order processing.
At the end of the day, transfer the unsold material to the initial SLoc.

Hope it will help.

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