RE:[sap-log-sd] Schedule VF31 in Background with Modified Print Parameters

Reply from wnash7658 on Jan 6 at 2:15 AM
You'll find in background it will default to the VV31 print parameters I think. When you put something in background you are going straight into SM36 .

If you have a strong ABAPer he can copy VF31 and add a few extra functions into the Z version of VF31.


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Subject: Schedule VF31 in Background with Modified Print Parameters

Hi All

I want to schedule VF31 (SD70AV3A) as part of a multi step which creates the billing. Does a few other things and is then supposed to create the spool via SD70AV3A.

The problem I face is that I want to define certain parameters for the output request. Normally if I was executing this via VF31 and I'd do 'execute in background' I'd get a popup for the background print parameters where I could set the printer, the name, time of print among other things. However, to schedule it as a step of the background job I can only pass a variant with the values of the first screen. This popup is not part of the variant.

Is there any way for me to define the print-parameters when scheduling SD70AV3A in the background (via 'execute in background' it only creates a new job but I want it to be part of an existing job that I have). If VF31 is not the way to go for this is there another program which would accomplish the same thing. I thought of using RSNAST00 but that seems severely limited as well.


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