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Reply from christophe-carmaux on Jan 4 at 2:47 PM
I already add the same.
The production order is probably fully confirmed and fully delivered (CNF and DLV statuses), but still with an open requirement on the component B.
The behaviour you describe is exactly what I noticed in such cases.
In fact when the upper level requirement (your material A) is covered (by the production of this production order), then the pegged requirement cannot find any original requirement anymore and consequently says 'no pegged requirement'

Check the statuses of your production order, and also the consumption status of your component B in this production order. I'm pretty it was never consumed (at least not declared as consumed).
It might be interesting to check the COGI for this component B, in case you work with backflush.



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From: Gaurav
Sent: Friday, December 09, 2011 9:23 AM
Subject: No Pegged Requirements Exist

Hi All,

I have a problem regarding MD04 screen display.

Scenario is as follows:
Material "A" which is defined in plant "0003" only and has a component material "B" , strategy group as "30", procurement type as "E".

Material B is defined in plant 0002(production plant) where Strategy group is "63" ,Procurement type is "E"

Material "B" is defined in plant 0003(planning plant) also where trategy group is "30",Procurement type "E" and Special procurement is "80".

A planned order is created for material "B" on 05.12.2011 for 100 quantities.

Now problem is as follows:

While I am checking in transaction MD04 for material B in plant 0003, its showing the the planned order for material "B" as 100 quantities on 05.12.2011 but its also showing the requirements for material "A" as 100 quantities as Dependent Requirement on 24.09.2010 just above the planned order for material "B".

But this planned order is not generated by parent material "A". While I am checking the pegged requirement for material "A" ,an error message is coming as "No pegged requirements exist :Message no. 61527". And when I checked MD04 for material "A" its showing one production order created on 19.10.2011 for 33 quantities only and nothing else.It means there are no requirements or planned order exists for parent material "A".

Kindly tell why MD04 screen for component material "B" in plant 0003 is showing a Dependent Requirement also for parent material "A" as 100.

Thanks in advance. :)

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