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Reply from pamela79 on Jan 26 at 12:28 AM
Hi Louis,

Thanks for the answer. Can we do through the inbound MATMAS idocs for replicating master data from non sap to SAP? The non sap application will send EDI files to XI and then the same will be converted to MATMAS idoc and send to sAP for creating material master data /


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Subject: Master Data Replication from Non-SAP to SAP

Hi, Pamela - I responded, but I didn't see the response come through.

How are you going to perform the updates to SAP - real time (near real time) or batch? If real time, consider using middleware like BizTalk or SAP PI where you could create orchestrations to call an SAP-delivered BAPI to create the master data in SAP. If you use a standard BAPI, you're assured that your calls will work, even through upgrades. You also have control on the application side, rather than the SAP side.

Even if you wanted to do it in batch, I would recommend having a process that pulls the relevant data from your system and loops through calling the BAPI to make the entries in SAP. One of the other advantages to controlling the code on the non-SAP side is that if you are using an auto-numbering in SAP (like for customer) the BAPI will return the customer number to you, allowing your code to update the external database with the SAP customer number, creating an automatic link to the SAP data.

Good luck!

- Lou

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