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Reply from Typewriter on Jan 18 at 1:06 PM
Hi Jim,

In my previous test, I had not tested the question you have asked. But after you have posed this question I did test it. Yes you are correct!

If K004 is activated for "Required" in the pricing procedure.
Case 1 -
If K004 is in the sales order, with value ZERO or NON-ZERO, then there is NO error given by the system.

Case 2 -
- If user deletes K004 from the sales order, Tab Conditions. Then system gives an error.
- Or if a valid condition record for K004 is not found and sales order does NOT have K004, then system gives an error.

Pricing error: Mandatory condition K004 is missing
Message no. V1801


As I mentioned in my previous post -
In V/08, in my pricing procedure, All three fields - Mandatory, Required and Statistics - are de-activated (i.e. kept blank).

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Subject: Condition Type Upper and Lower Limits

Hey tp,

I'm thinking that the mandatory flag only makes sure that it's present not that it has a value. Did you test for that?

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