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Reply from jim-wolfe on Jan 18 at 12:30 PM
Hey tp,

I'm thinking that the mandatory flag only makes sure that it's present not that it has a value. Did you test for that?

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Hi Laurie,

I have tested this requirement SUCCESSFULLY.

There were absolutely NO problems!

The configuration and steps used for testing are as follows -
1. In V/06, for K004, field Plus/Minus = A (positive), field Manual entry = No limitations
2. In VK11, for K004, value = 1 EUR (or 0 EUR) for a specific S Org., D channel and Material
3. In VA01, for a cmr and this particular material, at line item level -
- K004 is populating with relevant price (from the condition record data)
- I can change this value to ANY value
and then save the sales order.

FYI - In V/08, in my pricing procedure, Mandatory, Required and Statistics are de-activated.

PS - If you are marking a condition type as STATISTICAL, in the pricing procedure, then that would not add up in your Net value.

Please comment, if I have missed something.

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