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Reply from sarat on Jan 21 at 2:54 PM
Mr. Typewriter,

Thanks for the perspective. I haven't given a thought to that till the time you pointed it out.

Will try that and get back to you.

Warm regards,

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From: Typewriter
Sent: Saturday, January 21, 2012 2:35 PM
Subject: Partner Function SH Already Exists

Hi Sarat,

Thank you for your patience!

Please inform me where exactly (path details) do you set a partner function as unique?
(is it in a procedure procedure, then partner function is unique or not unique?)

For a partner function, functionalities: Modifiable and Mandatory are in a partner procedure. Functionality: Uniqueness is not clubbed together with functionalities: Modifiable and Mandatory. Unique is "outside" a partner procedure, thus I made the comment functionality Uniqueness is across procedures.

PS - you have understood the business requirement correctly.

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