RE: [sap-log-sd] Partner Function SH Already Exists

Reply from Dave Thornburgh on Jan 25 at 1:59 AM
Saps -

No, copying some config from the key value WE to some other config with a different key value would not go through all of the code that is hard-wired to look only for the original key WE only. There is no link between the act of configuring and the logic of the programs that use the data. If the programs were nice enough to read customizing, and somehow were able to realize that the new partner function should also be treated as a shipto (this mechanism doesn't exist because you can only have the one original WE/SH shipto function), then we'd have a chance. But they're not - they're hard coded with a constant value right in the logic.


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Wow. That was wonderful Mr.Dave but would copying from SH not copy the 'WE' logic?

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