Re: [sap-log-sd] How to Track the Utilization of Raw Material given by Customer

Reply from khadar_kkb on Jan 31 at 6:42 PM
In this business scenario you are doing job work(conversion
company)generally in this scenario first you receive RM against the
delivery and issue the RM for production,then quality and finish is
ready. For Production process you will process through MB01 with mvt 101
along with SCO no. There will be a SCO(sub contract order) number will
maintain,in this the utilization of raw materials and scrap are configured
against finish material, along with pricing.This material doc you will get
through mb51.with mvt type 101(finish) and 543(RM consumption).in this only
your conversion amount and yield qtys also configured.

But how your Business structure config I don't know. But every material Doc
you will get through MB51 or MB59 with mvt types against material.

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Subject: How to Track the Utilization of Raw Material given by Customer

My business scenario is like this,my customer will supply raw material to my company we have to process the material, sell it to same customer. As a result of this we will processing charge per kg of material. The customer need to know how the raw material supplied by him is utilized (finished goods detail & scrap detail)
That is the flow from MM TO PP TO SD (MATERIAL FLOW). When the raw material received a document no will be generated, that particular no should act as base for production issue, at final phase during sales.

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