[sap-log-sd] Volume Specific Rebates/overriders - can Standard Rebate Support this Requirement

Question from Sirithorn on Dec 22 at 11:28 PM
Volume specific rebates/overrides - our requirement :
The customer receives a rebate based on the volume of sales. For example, if the customer receives a rebate of 5% if he buys 10,000kgs we would accrue an overrider of 5% x sales value of 10,000kg. With some customers, we have scenario like:
a. 5% x turnover if they buy 10,000kg
b. 7.5% x turnover if they buy 50,000kg
c. 10% if they buy 100,000

For the first 10,000 we accrue 5% x turnover. Then we sell a further 40,000kg so now they have bought 50,000kg. We would now need to accrue 7.5% x the sales value of all the 50,000kgs. The 7.5% applies to the whole 50,000kgs sales value, not the 40,000 above the initial 10,000kgs. Similarly, when we reach 100,000kgs, we would now accrue 10% on the sales value of the total 100,000kgs. So each time a benchmark is reached the system has to recalculate the rebate accrual.

Moreover, we consider the rebate accrual by estimating the total of sale and compare with the agreement with condition as follow:
a. If the sale is less than agreement, we will not consider rebate accrual.
b. If the sale is equal or more than agreement, we will set rebate accrual.

Can all this be handled in SAP by standard rebate function? Our initial thinking is we might have to go with spreadsheet (do it manually outside SAP) for this requirement.

Any advice on "how to do this in SAP" in case SAP can handle this, would be appreciated.
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