[sap-log-sd] Consigment Process Regarding Excise Values

Question from gopiponnala on Dec 17 at 10:00 AM
In consignment Fillup our stock goes out of our plant (belongs to us even) so then manufacturer liable to pay excise amount (he can't avoid as per India excise reg).
If we raise proform invoice no a/c enteris generated either excise or revenue because of proforma invoice copy control settings.
After referring the proforma invoice if we create excise invoice excise a/c entries would be generated because manufacturer has to pay to Govt(goods out of factory).
So as per my basic sense at the time of fillup we have to create Excise Invoice. Did you think I am wrong here?
Now coming to consignment Issue here customer has to pay excise amount because finally we collect all the taxes from final consumer/customer.
In this case we have to raise commercial invoice and with reference to that Excise invoice (here I am in dilemma) has to be created.

Here only the Accounting entries problem come(because in the fillup stage manufacturer paid excise amount because of stock removal)
Now he has to collect the same.
If we include excise duties in final price also it will be treated as revenues..
I am assuming we need to have different pricing procedure for cong issue and make to the a/c enteris in different GL (some routines need to be written).

We will send Tax invoice not the commercial invoice and print would be from J1IP not from VF01.
In case of Issues Sales tax would collected not the excise amount(it included in base price).
If assumption is wrong you can correct me always.

My sincere request to all please go through Q properly.
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