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Posted by Fatima
on Dec 14 at 7:59 AM

Rebate was created today with validity from 01.10.2011 until 31.12.2011
There were 4 invoices created during October and November for this Customer and Material.
In the rebate, on the verification level screen we see these 4 invoices with 0 accrual since by the time they were created the rebate was not existing yet.

In order to create the accruals retroactively, using VBO3 transaction, the system will generate a Rebate Correction Request with the total amount of accruals related to those 4 invoices.

My question is if we see that a rebate has a correction with the value of 17.200,00€ for example, where can I find which Invoices contributed to calculate the total accrual of 17.200,005 ?

The system internally should have this relation store somewhere.

Thanks for your help.

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From: Fatima
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 7:16 AM
Subject: Rebate Corrections

Hi gurus,

When we need to create a Rebate Correction for example to include Invoices that were created before the Agreement, VBO3 transaction creates the corresponding Rebate Correction.

Is there any table where we can find which invoices the Rebate Correction relates to?


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