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Hi Adriano,

I think you are "deforming" the system! I would NOT recommend the desired process.

Please find below some of my reasons for not recommending go realize the desired requirements -
1. Purpose of G/L account - G/L account is for the visibility from financial purposes. If user cancels the billing document ONLY then the values in the accounts must be decreased.

You want the value in specific G/L accounts to reduce when new sales orders are created. You want the accrual process with G/L accounts.

2. Accruals are "accumulated" in rebate agreements. When you say there are NO rebate agreements, then "reusing" (giving money back to the customer) these accruals becomes difficult, non-standard.

I have thought in terms of the possible solutions, but some open points are -
- would it be coded etc. for system to know that the G/L is zero and should NOT go beyond it, when creating a free item?
- would this "discount" be for ALL sales document types or for a select few?

I think to achieve this requirement, one would have to go for coding.

Please think of standard Rebate functionality, it would be the safest and most cost effective way.

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From: Adriano Lopez
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Subject: Order that Should be Fully Paid from Accruals not Related with SAP Rebates

Here we make accruals on sales.
1) Our accrual process has nothing to do with SAP rebates process.
2) We just make two types of accruals from sales order and throw them into two GLs.

Now we want to utilize those accrual amount to create sales orders free of charge to the customers. The price of material should deduct the accrual amount.

Any opinion on the process?

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