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Posted by saps (SAP SD Consultant)
on Dec 15 at 12:31 AM
Hi Mr. Ekalavya, Mr. Typewriter and Mr. Deepak,

Thank you for your posts. I was just trying to correlate the 'item relevant for delivery' in item category, schedule line category and movement types.

I was actually getting confused with a few things. For example, in Consgn Fill Up, the item category KBN is not relevant for delivery, but schedule line category E1 is relevant for delivery. same is the case with item n schedule line cats: KAN n F1; REN n DN; TAQ n CT, etc.... Why are the item categories showing not relevant for delivery but schedule lines showing relevant for delivery? If my understanding is correct then the movement type is linked to schedule line category - relevancy for delivery. Then why do we have option of an item category delivery relevance. Please explain.

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Subject: Movement Type in Consignment Fill Up

During Consignment Fill Up, though there is actual material movement of goods, but it is not relevant for delivery and the movement type is 631. How could we account for material movement 631 when there is actual movement of goods, but no delivery.

Kindly explain. Thanks and regards,

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