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Hi Vishal,

I would try as follows -
1. Create a freight condition type (e.g. ZKF0 copy of KF00). In VK11 create the condition record for this surcharge.
2. In my pricing procedure have a totalizing step as
800 Net value From=8, To=790
Take the value of Step 800 to Subtotal
In 810 ZKF0 with Requirement ZZ.

This requirement shall basically activate or deactivate the condition type ZKF0. Thus e.g.
if freight should be changed if subtotal less 60Euros.
Case1: Subtotal = 100Euros, ZKF0 = NOT activated
Case2: Subtotal = 50Euros, ZKF0 is ACTIVATED and surcharge is added to the sales order at line item level.

For the subtotal and requirement you / functional consultant would have to work with ABAPer.

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From: vaid jain
Sent: Friday, December 16, 2011 7:01 AM
Subject: Minimum Order Value Delivery Charge

Hello Everyone,

Please advice how do I configure a delivery charge for order if order value is less then X amount.

I have looked into configuration of minimum order value surcharge but it dose not suffice my requirement. Problem is it changes the net value of item which I don't want.

Ideally I want a condition type which should appear as a separate fright charge if order value is less then X amount.

Best Regards

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