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Hi Saps,

I have thought about your question. I would answer it in two parts. :)

First, these standard processes are created by SAP. This is the way SAP sees it and has configured it.
During implementations, these standard processes (configurations) are "just" a starting point for companies. These processes are customized depending upon the business process logic of companies (during the implementations, enhancements).

Second, the difference in viewing Intercompany sale and 3rd party process could be as follows -
In intercompany sale, both the company codes (or sales orgs) are SELLING. The starting point for a sales process is (in this case) a sales order. There is ONLY one sales order. Because there is selling and NOT purchasing, there is NO purchase organization in this process.
(And as there are two sales, there are two billing documents.)

In 3rd party process, there is an EXTERNAL organization (vendor) and therefore the single sales order can NOT be used by the sales organization and the External organization. Thus a purchase order has to be made and sent to the external organization.
In 3rd party it is NOT pure SELLING process but a mixture of SELLING AND BUYING process.
(And one billing document is made for the selling process)

This is the difference in the organizational setup which creates the difference in the way SAP has configured the handling of both the processes.

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In the processing of third party, while processing the sales order for a customer, a PR is created at the background, which triggers the POrder. Based on the POrder, the vendor supplies the goods to the customer and bills the company. The company in turn bills the customer.

In the processing of interco. a dummy cust. is created for the ordering c.code, which places an order and the goods are again shipped to the customer.

Why can't the same process be applied for Intercompany sales? The process of Third party and intercompany are similar, except for the intercompany billing. Why cannot we have a Purchase Org. from ordering co. ordering the supplying company and why the dummy customer?

Thanks and regards,

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