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Hi Angelina,

There are few business inconsistencies (I may dare to call them "error") for example -
1. During PO creation, the company has requested its vendor to supply the goods to plant A, then the vendor MUST supply to plant A. Not to plant B.

2.During sales order creation, the user first has to understand which plant shall be the delivering plant. If according to the user (SAP order entry staff) if delivering plant is A, then physically also the goods MUST be at this delivering plant, to deliver to the customer. Not that the goods are at plant B.

I propose the following steps -
a. create a PO (without reference) with receiving plant B
b. create a STO and transport the goods from plant B to plant A
c. create a SO with delivering plant A

Before you try and change SAP, please examine the business process (e.g. WHY vendor is not supply to the plant where he has been instructed? Why order entry staff is creating an order with delivering plant as incorrect? etc.)

Ps - I made a typing mistake in my previous post. Pardon me for that.
Incorrect = My suggestion is to create a PO withOUT reference with plant B.
CORRECT = My suggestion is to create a PO withOUT reference with the Sales order.

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Hi all,

Here is the operations.

Customer orders the goods and will ship from plant A (in region A), then we convert SO to PO. Vendor in region B will not ship to plant A, they will ship the goods to plant B which is same region as them. So we need to change the plant in PO to plant B. However, SAP does not allow me to change plant in PO which is different from SO's plant. I hit error message V1 127.

After receiving the goods in plant B, plant B will ship the goods to plant A (that's STO process). Plant A receives the goods and deliver to customer.

Best Regards,

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