RE:[sap-log-sd] Error Message V1 127 Sales Orders Item has Different Plant

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on Dec 13 at 5:44 AM
Hi Amit and Angelina,

It seems it's not a good practice to modify the content in standard table.
Also, it seems the steps have similar / same effect if I change the plant in SO directly (need to mark PO item as deleted first).

I think her scenario is:
Need to ship the goods from Plant A (in SO)
But we will receive the goods from Vendor at Plant B (in PO)
At the moment, it seems it's a standard response that SAP does not allow different plant in MTO SO and PO.

Best regards,

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From: amit patil
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 4:49 AM
Subject: Error Message V1 127 Sales Orders Item has Different Plant

Hi Angelina,

You can follow following steps:

1) T- code - SE16n
2) Go to Z Table - VBAP
3) Enter your sales order number
4) Enter &SAP_EDIT in command field
5) Change field WERKS what ever u want and save it.
6) Check VBAP table it should be change

If any doubt let me know.


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