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Posted by Maxim
on Dec 14 at 5:17 AM
Please check the below link.

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From: jotentten
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2010 1:54 PM
Subject: Customer - specific Material Determination

Hi all,
A couple of questions concerning the Material Determination in SAP....

Is the Material Determination (VB11) with determination type J3AC (Customer Material number) the best option for replacing customer - specific material number in a sales order? I have a situation where customer orders a certain product from us and they use a material code 12345. This material code should automatically be substituted with our own material code 112233. This process should only concern this one particular customer.

Another thing.... the following reference material indicates that this determination type J3AC can be found from SAP in standard (?), but I cannot find it from our SAP (OV12). Should I be looking from someplace else? 7c3c1d62111d2acae0000e829fbfe/content.htm


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