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KB, KE, KR, KA and CF, CI, CONR, CP these all are same. When go to position or in Sales order if you enter any one it will take CF, CI, CONR, CP there is no any difference.

Harsha Halyal

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Hi Experts,

Could you please share the business processes knowledge for Consignment process?
Furthermore / Also, please give advice on below points

1) Inventory at customer warehouse - As it is important to keep track of the "delivering plant" of materials (to keep stock accountability in SAP, mmbe). How is stock distributed in the customer warehouse?
(for example 4 delivering plants are sending materials to customer warehouse, how is customer keeping track of xx material is from plant P1 and so on...)

2) Communication procedure & frequency - After Consignment Issues, how & how many times (per day, or per week or..) is this information communicated & how, from customer to the manufacturer?

3) Staff & entry in SAP - Is entry of Consignment Issues (CI) & consignment returns (CONR) done in the customer warehouse itself by staff of customer or information is sent back to the manufacturing company and the staff of the manufacturing company do the input of (CI, CONR) in SAP (their system) themselves?

4) Areas to pay attention - In the implementation of Consignment process, any particular areas to pay attention or give more time

I can imagine that there are many ways the consignment process is handled across industries & across company. Your information would help me understand and serve my client.

If you have specific questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

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