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Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 9 at 12:17 AM
Hi Pamela,

I shall give you an "extreme" case -

There is NO stock for material M1 in plant ZN10, location 0002.
Sales order created for M1 20EA, plant ZN10, location 0002. At item level, Tab Schedules confirmed quantity = 0EA, as schedule line category is activated for Availability check.
Change schedule line category to CN. Now confirmed quantity = 20EA
For delivery item category deactivate Availability check in 0vlp (zeroVLP).
Delivery created with delivery quantity (No problem)
Picking done for 20EA, No problem. Please NOTE there are 0 (ZERO) stock at this plant, storage location STILL system has done picking.
During PGI system gives error message "Deficit quantity".

Thus picking can be done withOUT stock! (ofcourse with selected settings of availability check).

If there is stock, user can do picking on any date.
The picking date proposed by the system in the sales order is coming from a combination of customer requested delivery date, backward or forward scheduling and number of days from the shipping point (for picking and loading time).
But actual picking can be done at a date which is different from the above system date. This is the flexibility that the system gives.

From your post "so ideally picking should be over by 6.12.2011 but even then how come we are able to do picking on 3.12.2011." Yes this is possible and system does the necessary changes in allocation of stock (vis-a-vis sales orders) dynamically.

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Hello All,

When we create the delivery, the system copies the planned dates ( picking, goods issue date etc ) from sales order. But I have following questions ).

1) If the planned picking date in delivery is let's say 6.12.2011, how come we are able to do Picking before 6.12.2011. what are the factors which are allowing us to do picking before planned date of 6.12.2011.

For instance if the material availability date is 5.12.2011, and the ATP check is ok for 5.12.2011 and then the system reserves the stock for the sales order for 5.12.2011 and the picking time is 1 day and so ideally picking should be over by 6.12.2011 but even then how come we are able to do picking on 3.12.2011. The system has reserved stock for the sales order for 4.12.2011 but I am surprised to find that we can do picking on 3.12.2011 itself.


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