Re: [sap-log-sd] Using Copy Control for Customer Group 2 Field.

Posted by Iscariot
on Dec 5 at 11:43 PM
There is a routine that is assign in the sales order to sales order copy
control data that copies the business header data from one order to
another. You need to make a copy of that routine, have a developer add the
necessary code.

You will then need to check the copy control configuration for all sales
document types that you use to create with reference to each other and
ensure the new routine is applied. I am not at work right now and cannot
think of the routine number off the top of my head.

The SPRO path for the copy control I think is:

Sales and Distribution
Sales Documents
Maintain copy control
That is assuming its sales order to sales order copy control.
If no one else responds I'll post a more detailed explanation tomorrow.

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Thanks Gavin for your reply. Could you please elaborate your answer, which all copy control settings to be updated.

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